We are excited to announce Eric Elliott, owner of Reputation Beverage Co., has acquired TCB Coffee Co.

Have no worries; our amazing team will continue to brew the famous TCB coffee beverages people have grown to know and love. We’ve been working diligently and are in the process of creating delicious new drink choices for your sipping pleasure! Be on the lookout for slight changes on our social media and web pages as the transition from TCB to Reputation occurs. Over time, the TCB brand name and logo will be refocused as a brand inside Reputation Beverage Co. We have every intent to keep the TCB brand, creatively developed and grown by Justin Hartig, @poppabear_53 alive and well!

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Our online store is now open!

Buy our canned coffee, tea, kombucah and whole bean coffee direct through our online store!

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We have an extensive lineup of exclusive, hand crafted, coffee cocktails that you won't find anywhere else. We feature locally roasted beans, premium ingredients and cutting-edge techniques to create our one-of-a-kind coffee drinks. We also serve fresh handmade waffles like you've never seen before, inluding our unique specialty bubble waffles. Our teas and komucha are no different. Just like everything else we do, they are unique, handcrafted drinks made from the highest quality ingredients with your health in mind.


Our exclusive VIP Coffee Club will set you up with all the TCB Coffee you need. As a member, you will get a monthly supply of hand-picked coffee delivered directly to your door or availble to pick up at the shop. We will select a different premium coffee every month, giving you the opportunity to experience new coffee, expand your palate, and keep the caffiene flowing. You also get discounts on drinks, equipment and apparel. Your card is charged automatically every month, and you're free to cancel anytime.

1. A hand-picked bag of coffee every month.
2. 10% off drinks at the shop.
3. 15% off brewing equipment.
4. 20% TCB apparel and swag.
5. Access to tasting & pairing parties
Coffee is available for pick-up on the 15th of each month & delivery orders ship out on the 20th.

PICK-UP: $19.99 / DELIVERY: $24.99

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Another unique thing we do here at TCB Coffee Co., we can our coffee, tea and kombucha to take on the go! You can buy our signature Black Sail Coldbrew, Jamaican Island, Mexicali Rose Sparkling Tea and more in 6 packs of 12 oz cans. You can buy our canned coffee and tea here are the shop or at a number of retailers throughout the state. Quick, easy and delicious, canned coffee ready to roll.