House Favorites

[ Michigan ]

Coconut Cream / Cinnamon / Jamaican Island / Caramel Dream / Chocolate Raspberry / Mint Chocolate

Black Sail Blend

[ DeWitt, MI ]

Colombia, Cauca

Caveman Coffee

[ Albuquerque, NM ]

Swiss Water Decaf

Fire Dept. Coffee [ LIMITED ]

[ Rockford, IL ]

Irish Whiskey, Bourbon

Coffee Cocktails


Our house cocktail! Based in coconut cream and light like a dream.

Johnny & June

A light peanut butter flavor to make you fall in love (with the columbian coffee)

Pretty Boy Floyde

Once you go Pretty Boy you don't go back. It's an intoxicating blend of mint, coconut, and honey.


Served on the rocks!! Hello, I've waited here for you. Now order me. With fresh lavender, mint chocolate & stone ground chocolate. Everlong.

Chubby Checker

Sweet & creamy with just enough cinnamon to warm you up.

Minty Lucinda

She's light & minty and from St. Johns... topped with chocolate shavings!

Blue Suede

Our NEW cocktail with stone ground chocolate, natural blueberry oil & 2 shots of local espresso. Come get your Blue Suede on!

Baby Face Nelson

Yerba Mate Tea based cocktail! With youthful lavender, raw honey & vanilla. Give him a try!


An iced cocktail based in chocolate raspberry coffee and paired with chocolate, cherry, and happiness.

Smoking Gun

Just order it ya filthy animal.

Chocolate Drinks


Our stone ground chocolate blended perfectly with local espresso, raw honey to help with a creamy finish. ADD: Lavender, Mint, PB FIT or Cayenne Pepper!

Drinking Chocolate

Try adding peanut butter, vanilla, MCT oil, cherry, or espresso!


Yerba Mate

Black Rose

Turmeric Ginger

Earl Grey

Peppermint Chamomile

Jasmine Green

Tummy Tea



Black Sail

[ DeWitt, Michigan ]

Cold Brew Coffee


[ Lansing, MI ]

Melon, Chamomile & Lavender

Sparkling Tea

[ DeWitt, MI ]

Mexicali Rose Tea Hibiscus - Passionfruit - Raspberry

Black Sail NITRO

[ Top 5 in the Nation ]

Cold Brew Nitro Coffee